Ardi the flying squirrel (Paper)





The beautiful little squirrel Ardi lived with her family in a huge oak tree in a tropical forest. Despite the importance of collecting acorns and other fruits to store them as food for the cold winter, Lolo, her older brother, never wanted to help, she preferred to play and run after the birds. His parents repeated to him over and over again that he should collaborate, but there was no way he would pay attention. Instead, Ardi did go out of his way to lend a hand. He constantly learned from everything he was told. Like when his dad explained that even if they didn’t have wings, they could glide. And the day came when the two brothers began to practice! She had to jump from branch to branch, always wearing a helmet made from half a walnut shell, checking beforehand that eagles and snakes were not lurking. But Lolo, as usual, decided to ignore it…


In a huge oak located in a great tropical forest lived a beautiful squirrel named Ardi. He had beautiful light brown fur and a huge tail that was always clean and well groomed, which was the pride of his mother and his father. She had an older brother named Lolo. The whole family, happy and content, lived in a beautiful and spacious burrow.

That burrow was located in a hole in the tallest, largest, and most beautiful oak tree in the forest. At the top of the tree, at a point from where they could see the best and most appetizing fruits, Ardi’s parents worked tirelessly every day to collect acorns. They kept them in the winter store that the squirrel father had set up so they could eat on cold days.

Daddy squirrel had painstakingly built this wide burrow so that the entire family could rest comfortably and warmly during the freezing winter. Next to the main room of the den was the store, where the squirrel father never tired of bringing nuts that he found on his frequent walks through the woods.


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