Born in Ventosilla, a town in Segovia, in 1949, Vicente Castro i Álvaro arrived in Mallorca at the age of fifteen, where he met who would become his mentor and great friend, the writer and journalist Rafael Ferrer Massanet. With him he began to write articles in the magazine Perlas y Cuevas, in which he came to have a section entitled “Pioneers of Cala Millor”. Years later, he worked as a photojournalist in different media.

A tireless traveler, in 1994 he traveled through the Caribbean, establishing his residence for several years in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. During his travels he never stopped collaborating with various magazines and the media. Among his best-known works are The Secret of the Cuevona de Los Remedios, Emigrating to Mallorca, Alone in the

Caribbean or The Luppo case. Likewise, he has published several children’s stories or fantastic stories. Thus, we can find works such as The Kingdom of a Thousand Candles, Bellita and Peter: Two Monarch Butterflies, The Lion Who Wanted to Be a Dog, Histories from the Vista Hermosa Farm, or Ardi, the Flying Squirrel. All the stories are written in Spanish and English in a clear way, so that the children begin to read.