Rojita the fantastic little Candle (eBook)

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful little candle named Rojita who lived with her parents, Don Rojo and Doña Blanca, in Ciudad Gloria, the capital of the Kingdom of Thousand Candles, a kingdom ruled by King Don Velón. Rojita was different from her classmates, because her family was not rich, because she was thinner, and because her bright red color contrasted with the immaculate white of her classmates. For this reason, they did not receive her very well in her group of friends and they even laughed at her and insulted her. She told her mother, worried about her, and she told her not to pay attention to her because she was just as beautiful as the others. Doña Blanca also taught her what the stars Lucerna were like, the other cities of the Kingdom, each one with its own king and protected by generals and battalions… and Rojita listened to her very attentively. Although these cities were well protected, there was something that could appear at any moment and scare their inhabitants: the dreaded Owl Devil. However, that day he was not the cause of misfortune in the Kingdom of a Thousand Candles, but a bloody battle against the Elements.


Rojita was a beautiful bright red candle. She was slim, and perhaps too tall for her age. Beautiful long hair hung from the side of her tiny, shiny head, and she moved gracefully every time the wind caressed her.

Rojita lived with her mother, Doña Blanca, and her father, Don Rojo, in Ciudad Gloria, which in turn was the capital of the Kingdom of the Thousand Candles, a kingdom ruled by King Don Velón.

Don Velón was a very tall and plump king, and he sported a long white beard down to his waist. His head, also white, was adorned by a pointy black hat that caused Rojita an atrocious fear.

But she wasn’t the only one afraid of something! Curiously, the king was especially fearful and distrustful, and for this reason he forced his subjects to always pay homage and protection.

Rojita, every time she could see him among the crowd of soldiers and generals who protected him, she looked at him with a certain curiosity and respect. He was the king!

The queen, Dona Ciria, was a little shorter than the king. A green cloak fell carelessly from her shoulders. Her head, also shiny, was covered with a small golden crown. The brilliance of her crown stood out above her two protective maidens, whom she always looked over her shoulder.


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